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Choose the Invisalign® Braces for a Beautiful Smile

In 1998, Invisalign was approved by the FDA for the alignment of teeth. Over the years, millions of patients have chosen the Invisalign teeth alignment technology. These plastic braces are designed specifically for your smiles and teeth structure and offer you an alternative to traditional metal braces.

Several Invisalign trays are used to create incremental adjustments to the teeth's position over a period of time. The trays are required to be worn at least 20-22 hours each day over two-week periods before being replaced with a new set of trays. The degree of adjustment necessary will determine the number of trays used as well as the length of the process to complete the Invisalign treatment.

Get Invisalign® Braces for Teens

For teenagers, Safari Dental also provides Invisalign Teen products. Invisalign Teen can boost the self-esteem of teenagers. These plastic trays enable patients to their wear braces almost unnoticeably.

Invisalign Teen braces are removable, so your son or daughter can eat whatever they want, whenever they want. They won't have to worry about avoiding hard candy, gum, or any other types of food that can get stuck in traditional braces.

These braces also make cleaning teeth easier, since they can be simply removed. Usually, teenagers will have their wisdom teeth removed before starting Invisalign Teen. At Safari Dental, we will conduct a thorough examination to make that wisdom teeth removal would be necessary, as well as ensuring that Invisalign Teen is the best possible choice for the patient.

Benefits of Invisalign® Braces

In recent years, Invisalign has become perhaps the biggest trend and modern solution to straightening teeth, due to both the level of comfort and discretion. Here are some more reasons to should consider Invisalign:

  • Ability to eat whatever your want
  • Elastic Thermoplastic substance for more comfort
  • Removability simplifies your oral maintenance
  • Transparency of the appliance

How to Get Your Invisalign® Braces

Depending on your dental insurance, some of the cost may be covered. The total cost of Invisalign varies based on the degree of adjustment required as part of the process. Book your orthodontic appointment with our staff today to schedule a consultation and begin your personal Invisalign safari.

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