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About 4 million Americans are undergoing orthodontics treatment at any given time. Orthodontics can transform the position of your teeth and jaws, making it easier to bite, chew, and smile confidently. At Safari Dental in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, expert dentist Sherman Menser, DDS, and the caring team offer several types of orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign®, braces, and retainers. To schedule an appointment, call the office and speak with a friendly team member or book online today.

Orthodontics Q&A

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry focused on diagnosing, treating, and preventing malpositioned teeth and jaws. Abnormal alignment of the teeth and jaws is common, but without proper treatment, it increases your risk of oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

When your teeth and jaws are in alignment, they’re easier to clean and care for. Proper alignment also makes it easier to bite and chew. 

What are some common conditions that orthodontics treats?

At Safari Dental, the team uses orthodontics to treat a variety of common alignment problems, including:

  • Overjet
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Misplaced midline
  • Spacing issues

Orthodontics can also address overcrowding, a condition that occurs when your upper or lower arch has too many teeth.

Are there different types of orthodontic treatments?

At Safari Dental, the team offers several types of orthodontic treatments, including:

Traditional braces

Traditional braces use brackets, wires, and rubber bands to gradually straighten and align your teeth. At Safari Dental, the team uses advanced Tip-Edge Plus® brackets. Tip-Edge Plus brackets are different from traditional brackets in that they apply constant light pressure instead of abrupt heavy pressure to your teeth.

Traditional braces with Tip-Edge Plus brackets ensure beautiful, long-lasting results. They’re more comfortable than traditional brackets and take less time to achieve a straight, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing smile.


Invisalign® is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear, plastic aligners. Each set of aligners fits snugly over your teeth, putting slight pressure on them. Over time, this pressure causes your teeth to move, ensuring you achieve a healthy, properly aligned smile.

Am I a good candidate for orthodontic treatment?

To determine if you’re a good candidate for orthodontic treatment, your Safari Dental provider conducts a clinical oral exam, reviews your oral health history, and takes plaster models of your teeth. Your provider also takes oral X-rays and photographs. 

After gathering all of this information, your provider evaluates your smile and recommends a custom treatment plan. If you have any issues with your bite or tooth alignment, you’re likely a candidate for treatment. 

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

The length of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the issues treated and the treatment technique used. Most patients achieve their desired results within 12-18 months, but sometimes it takes longer. Following orthodontic treatment, you’ll need to wear a retainer to prevent your teeth from moving out of place.

To explore orthodontics as a treatment option, schedule an appointment at Safari Dental. Call the office and speak with a friendly team member or book online today.